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Universal Design Contractor

A sleek contemporary bath featuring a zero threshold shower entry and wall mounted fixtures offering clear floor space for increased clearance and ease of cleaning.

By seamlessly integrating the principles of Universal Design into well planned and executed interiors, the work of H. Stern Interiors enables you to remain in your home regardless of age, infirmity or physical disability. We will guide you through the process of remodeling your existing home or designing a new one, in each case tailored to meet your present needs as well as those unanticipated in your future. 

 Universal design accommodates all ages and abilities, from the youngest child to great grandparents, providing self-sufficiency, security and safety for everyone in the home while encouraging residents to remain together as long as possible.  This approach incorporates creative design solutions that are flexible in their ability to respond to change as needed. It is an ideal solution for multiple generations living under one roof, for seniors wanting to remain in their homes, or for those needing to modify their home in order to adapt to the changes brought on by an injury or illness.

For those who might otherwise consider a retirement or continuing care facility, these modifications are a less costly alternative, providing the long term benefits of self reliance and independence within the framework of a safe and secure extended home based environment.